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Many people assume that service and maintenance is one in the same. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There is a BIG difference between service and maintenance! While we acknowledge and support the need for efficient maintenance, we also recognize that that taking care of those we service involves a whole lot more than fixing things. System planning, creative financing, regulatory compliance, and working with you to develop affordable and efficient maintenance and replacement planning is a major part of what we do for people like YOU!

Over the years, we have developed a number of different alternatives to provide the best equipment maintenance programs based on the needs of individual users. In general, most everyone wants the same thing - prompt service when required at reasonable cost. That is why we developed a unique program which we have named Forever Young!

Forever Young is ideally suited for industrial users with varying degrees of  use.  Obviously, a plant manager can be expected to have fewer maintenance needs than a manufacturing worker.  The conclusion is that flat rate maintenance contracts are more like insurance policies than maintenance plans.  Time and materials maintenance can be very costly and often does not provide a high priority response level.

Forever Young IS a flat rate cost program, but not in the traditional sense. Unlike contract maintenance programs, you pay for service only when you need it.  Better yet, you know in advance what you will pay and how quickly service will be provided because YOU are in total control!

Additional information on our major products available with Forever Young service is available by clicking here.

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