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Collaborating might better be described as the process of working together to accomplish a singular objective. In order to accomplish this goal, we have to communicate with each other, quickly, reliability, and economically. The tool that makes all this possible is wireless airtime free communications.  Nothing does it better than commercial grade 2-way radio!  The question is  what kind of radio, at what price, from whom, and how to decide what is best for YOU?  That's what this web page is all about.  Let's collaborate!

Over 90% of the radios used in Business and Industrial (B&I) communications are personal hand held models, mostly operating in the UHF or VHF frequency bands.  You now have a choice of analog radios or digital radios from either of two American manufacturers with the rest being made mainly in China, Japan, and Korea, and Malaysia.

The majority of digital radios utilize the DMR standard.  There are other standards - FHSS, NXDN, P25, and TETRA which are rarely used by B&I users. For additional information on these standards, please click here.

There are five basic user groups - Convenience (mainly indoor use), Utility (general purpose VHF well suited for outdoor use), Operational (plants, warehouses & outdoor), Mission Critical (generally the majority of these are UHF analog with the largest percentage of digital radios being safety related), and Executive (special features desirable) .  Cost, size, performance, and operating cost is directly proportional to the type of use.  The following is a general overview.



The TC-320 is best in class for an ultra small professional personal 2-way radio.  Weighing in at an incredible 4.78 ounces and only slightly taller than a business card, this little radio provides up to 9 hours service with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.  The TC-320 is an analog radio available in UHF for superior performance inside plants, warehouses, and other large structures. And, you'll hear it when called!  It has one full watt of audio (more than most radios costing hundreds, even thousands of dollars more).  You can read more about the TC-320 by clicking here.  The price is right - Just $149! When you are ready to buy, click here. And, the TC-320 is covered by a full one year factory warranty and qualifies for our Forever Young service program.  Click here for more information!


The PT-150M requires no FCC operating license and is a favorite of both indoor and outdoor users.  Available only in VHF, the PT-150M has a full alphanumeric display screen, programmable function buttons, and features you would normally expect in radios costing hundreds of dollars more.  It is an outstanding value, priced at just $199 and compatible with a complete family of US made license free radio products. Additional information is available by clicking here. The PT-150M is covered by a one year parts and labor warranty. You can order on line by clicking here!  Your satisfaction is guaranteed!  Eligible for Forever Young service.


The TP-5000 Series radio is our personal choice for general use.  It is almost as small as the TC-320, yet has up to 5 watts of transmit power, an exceptionally long lasting rechargeable battery with dual slot desk charger, and a three year factory warranty!  The TP-5000 is MIL-SPEC 810 rated with IP54 certification for resistance to dust and moisture.  You have a choice of VHF or UHF models and we program the radios for up to 16 channel operation at no charge.  Additional information is available by clicking here..The price? Just $217! You can order the UHF model by clicking here or the VHF model by clicking here. Eligible for Forever Young service


Z-Call, alternately known as the Patriot base station is the name we've given to our desktop 2-way intercom.  Available in your choice of VHF or UHF, this is the ideal radio for office use with no batteries to replace, no "borrowing", longer range, and a unique silent call button to let others know when emergency assistance is required.  More information is available by clicking here. The price is right - Just $345! You can order the UHF model on line by clicking here, or the VHF model by clicking here.  Qualifies for Forever Young service.


Repeaters are used to extend range between portable radios within very large buildings or sites involving multiple buildings.  The Liberty repeater, shown at the left is available in two UHF models -  a two watt model priced at just $915 and five watt model priced at $1,065.  Both are supplied with power supply and antenna for simple plug and play use. Additional information is available by clicking here. Qualifies for Forever Young service.


Please visit info4u.us/plantradios.pdf for current product and pricing information.