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The term "alerting" has several different meanings.  To a manufacturer, the first thing that comes to mind is 29 CFR 1910.165(b) which requires a means of quickly notifying all personnel on the premises of any event that may place their safety in peril.  It could be a chemical leak, equipment malfunction that could cause an explosion, severe weather, and the list goes on.  For lack of a better term, we call this Mass Notification.
How the mass notification is done can be subject to individual interpretations. The methods and the protocol depend on the size of the business, the type of business and a number of other factors.  For now, let us just say that if you have fire extinguishers that are available for use by employees, you most likely do need a written distributed safety plan and an effective means of providing mass notification.
Our function is not to provide free legal advice (which is worth what it costs).  Our job is to provide simple and affordable common sense solutions to address the basic need to alert many people, in many places, with information to allow them to take the necessary action in the event of an emergency.
The quickest and most commonly used mass notification solution is a wired public address system.  However, wired systems are expensive to purchase, install, and maintain with little flexibility for serving isolated or remote areas. Some use ding dong bells and/or flashing lights.  The better ones can broadcast a voice message.  That can be a good foundation for an expanded solution.  It's called the LoudMouth System.  

There are two versions of the LoudMouth. The LPA (the box shown at the far left) can be connected to an existing wired PA system to allow access/control from portable or fixed station radios, or from either one-way or two-way call boxes. The LM model has an internal audio amplifier and a horn type directional speaker shown at the right on the picture to the left. Both the LPA priced at $597, and the LM model, priced at $698 are available in your choice of VHF or UHF for use with existing or new analog 2-way radio systems. AC or solar power is required. Prices do not include installation, FCC licensing (if required), optional solar power,companion strobe alert lights, special enclosures, shipping or applicable taxes. We will be please to provide a complete system quote on request


Additional information is available on the LoudMouth system by clicking here. We are often asked to give an estimate of coverage for the LoudMouth LM model (the one with the speaker). The answer is that it varies due to a number of factors. For general budget calculation purposes, you can assume an AVERAGE coverage range of 1000 square feet per speaker. More detailed information is provided on pages 5 through 12 of the LoudMouth Installation Manual.
In high noise level zones, a strobe light is often more effective than an audible alterting system. In some cases we can add a strobe light to the LoudMouth system or provide a radio controlled strobe light using a device known as the TelAlert.  This is known as the RadioStrobe system.  More informtion is available  by clicking here.
Other alerting devices include the 2TR9 Desktop Alerting Receiver for closed work areas such as plant offices, lab/test areas, garages and other areas where a rang of up to 50 feet is acceptable.  Evaluation units are available for on-site testing or we can do an on-site engineering survey at reasonable cost on request.  Just give us a call at 800.489.2611 for more information.
Personal Alert devices are also available including personal paging receivers that can provide alert tone, vibrate, and voice messages.  Our WatchDog pager is ideal for personal alerting.  Additional, our full line of personal 2-way radios can be used as a part of a total alerting system.  Click here or on the Collaborating tab at the top of this page for additional information. 
Our Alerting Products can be a part of a complete wireless system as explained on our Home Page.  All of our products are designed to work together and to provide the desired requirement at reasonable cost.  As you know, cost involves more than just the initial price of the equipment, but the on-going cost of maintenance and support.  Click here for more information to learn more about how we address your needs, not only for today, but tomorrow and beyond!

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