Our business,

is wireless group communications! Unlike cell phones, which are for one-to-one communications, or smart phones which are for data and text communications; we are in the business of providing emergency communications for GROUPS of people with a common need for rapid connection between those who need help and those who can provide that help.

We don't "sell" radios or promote brands. We select the best products, or build them ourselves if not already available; for the sole purpose of identifying and fulfilling the need to improve safety, efficiency, regulatory compliance, and reduced cost for those we serve.

We are not product focused. Our focus is specifically in addressing the needs of those we have chosen to serve. Guess you could say that makes us a little different. We like it that way. Hope you will too!

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If you need to talk where wires don’t work and you need to talk to groups of people or vehicles whether for institutional, field operations, or transportation, please tell us a little more about yourself by answering the following questions:

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